October 30, 2011

White Pumpkins

I don't decorate much for Halloween... I can't stand black and orange together and creepy definitely isn't my thing!  However,  I've always loved white pumpkins.  I think they are the perfect way to be spirited around Halloween, yet they are elegant enough for the rest of the season.

I decided to make a few small white pumpkins to add little touches of autumn through my house.

I bought these pumpkins from Walmart for less than 5 dollars,

and then painted them with white acrylic paint.

After a few coats had dried, I used silver to add designs.

The kids each painted a pumpkin too.  William's had a face, but he was a little heavy with the paint, and it all dripped together.

Aevyn got pretty creative and detailed on the back of hers!

What kind of decorations do you put up for the fall season?

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