February 28, 2011

Baby Gift

I went to a shower this weekend for a friend who is having a baby boy soon.  This is the sweater I made for him.  It's the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down. 

I learned a few new things with this pattern.  This was the first time I've done raglan sleeves and I love it!  The increase used was a backward loop.  The collar was made with a wrap and turn (w&t).  I'm not a big fan of seaming, so I was thrilled to do most of it in one piece.

I used Lion Cotton, so it will be easy to clean and light for the spring. 
I'd like to do a girl version with one button and a rounded bottom edge. 

February 25, 2011

Friday for Another Day

Here are some things I'm looking forward to making someday:

I absolutely love Celebrate the Boy over at Made!  I tend to be a bit girly girl in my sewing adventures, so up next should be a pair of pants for my scallywag.  I love the seersucker that Dana used, but I think I may try a tan linen with 

these stripes for a cuffed bottom.  I saved one of my husband's old shirts for re-purposing, and it's one of my favorite patterns!

Scallywag's birthday is coming up and, since he loves Angry Birds, these would be fun!

And finally, I'm starting to think about my St. Patrick's Day menu.  Wouldn't be complete without Guinness and chocolate, right?  Last year I made a pudding, but these look delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend!

February 23, 2011

Winding Path Complete!

It took about one month, but my first sweater is complete!  This is the Winding Path pattern from Wenlan Chia, as featured in 50 Reversible Knits.

You can see in my photos how the neck can be worn as the body.  Very clever idea, but I much prefer it with the stockinette body and big ribbed neck.  This sort of defeats the whole point of the 'winding path' though!  I also want to add a few inches to the stockinette, since it rolls.  And to the sleeves.  

Flipped upside down- so cozy!!

Winding Path ribbing
I love the color and I love how warm the sweater is!  All in all, I'm very pleased with my first try and I can't wait to make another sweater.  Well, maybe for next fall and winter!

February 16, 2011

Quick Party Shirt

My sister turned 17 last week, so we had her birthday dinner on Friday.
I had just seen this girls T-shirt up at the JCrew outlet and filed it away as a future project.  

I decided to decorate one of Aevyn's tees real quick so she would have something fun to wear to dinner.  I used sparkly tulle to tie a few bows and then sewed them around the neckline.  

I might add a few more bows for a fuller look.  Sparkly tulle added to anything is Sugarplum approved!

February 15, 2011

Signature Drink

I've never been one for martinis, but that was only when I was limiting them to vodka.  Now a martini with champagne is something I can really love!!  I made these last night (based on the Ritz Martini at Cheesecake Factory), and it could be one of my favorite drinks.

Champagne Cocktail:

3/4 oz. cognac
1/2 oz. Cointreau
3/4 oz. pomegranate juice
squeeze of lemon
brut champagne

Mix first 4 ingredients in a martini shaker and add ice.
Shake for 15 seconds and strain into glass.
Top off with champagne.
Enjoy the night!

Although it is pink, men will like this drink too!  You can use as little as 1 1/2 oz. champagne, but I prefer mine around 3 oz.!  Classic and delicious!

Here's a clip from one of my favorite movies, Priceless (Hors de Prix).  I've been dreaming of the perfect champagne cocktail ever since I saw it, and now I've found my signature drink!

(Sorry there are no subtitles!)

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday I made this little cardigan for Aevyn to wear for her Valentine's ice cream party at school.  

Rosey Cardi

I bought the shirt from Walmart and sewed folded rectangles of fabric to make the roses.  I lined the back side with felt.

Ahhh, love!!!!

In other crafts, I finished my sweater!!!

I'll post picture soon and share some final thoughts on it.  I'm actually wearing it today and it's so cozy!  When Aevyn came out of school she saw it and just hugged me.  So soft it begs to be hugged!

So, go hug and kiss someone you love and have a wonderful day!

February 7, 2011

Busy Knitting

I have finished the body and 2 sleeves for my Winding Path sweater.  I used size 13 needles for the ribbed part of the body and switched to 15 for the sleeves and neck.  Yes, the neck is the big part done in stockinette. 

All that's left is to sew the sleeves on and seam them together!  

As a side project I've been working on a hat for one of my best friends little boy.  The style she dresses her son in is very preppy, so a monogrammed hat is perfect!  This was very quick and quite fun too!  

Here's my own scallywag modeling his pal's new hat.  I love that face!

February 4, 2011

Friday for Another Day

On Fridays I am going to try to post an inspiring project I'd like to make someday.  If I ever get around to it... we'll see!  I could spend hours looking through projects on Ravelry!  Here's one I would love to try making in early spring.  I think it looks great with jeans, and would be something I'd wear every day.

She has some other patterns that would be fun too.  

These mittens are supposed to be a quick knit.  My hubby could use a pair, and I'd probably add a cable in the center for a girly version as well:

Have a great weekend!  Make something fun!

February 3, 2011


Tonight I had some things in my fridge I wanted to use up-  Half a bunch of asparagus (the one green veggie my little Scallywag will actually gobble up!) and a box of mushrooms I had bought during the dollar sale at my local Acme*.  I looked in my new French cookbook, and found a great recipe in the appetizers section.  A bit of substituting and adding, and it was a delicious one dish meal!

I made a basic pie shell and baked it.  (I have a hopeless love for plain old uncooked pie dough!  I had to make myself throw away the scraps- what is it about butter and flour?)

I filled my baked shell with blanched asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and chicken.  The chicken helped make this more of an entree than an appetizer.  I poured my egg mixture over it all and sprinkled it all with cheddar.

I loved this for dinner, but I look forward to eating leftovers for lunch.  I'm not the type that likes a sandwich every day, so a meal like this is perfect for midday.

*I just want to take a moment to say that I love my Acme!  Although this recipe called for gruyere, I had never bought this type of cheese.  I asked about it at the deli and they helpfully pointed out which cheese I was looking for.  Since I had never tasted it, they brought a packaged block back, opened it, and sliced a few pieces for me to taste.  Although I didn't buy it (my budget is built for necessity, so I substituted with swiss), I found it delicious.  I also learned an important lesson- Taste your cheese before you smell it!!!!!  The boys working in the deli could hardly think about eating it after they smelled it.  And Scallywag had a great time teasing me about my stinky cheese!