November 11, 2011


When I started this blog, I named it after the two kids in my life that inspire me...  However, that leaves out the little girl coming soon!  Since something like the blog title not including everyone will really bother me, I'm moving to a new one that will be more general!  May sound silly, but hey, whatever makes mama happy!  So, hop over to Kozy Knit to see more of what I'm up to!

November 2, 2011

My Big Project

Since September I have been working on a pretty serious project!  Driven mainly by my lack of maternity wear and not being able to find a pattern I liked on Ravelry, I decided to design my own sweater!  I've done modifications to baby sweaters and hats before, but I feel like this is my first real try with such a big project.

I think I'm going to call it the 'Mama Au Lait' sweater.  It's the scrumptious color of a 'coffee with milk', which is pretty much all my hubby and I drink.  Also, my plan is for it to be a perfect draping cover while nursing this winter after my baby is born.  My sense of humor isn't the greatest, but I do enjoy playing with words!

Here is the sweater so far...  The sides hang for 26 inches, with an increase to wrap around longer in the back.  I'm on the decrease now (Yay!  Feels like a small victory!) and just need to finish the left side and then add sleeves.  There is a cable at the bottom and a cable pattern that travels along the top too.  I love the way it will look around the neck.  

You can see the increase below... and let me tell you, this was a huge challenge for me!  What I love about each project is the new skills that are learned while figuring things out!  I had to do some tests, making 1 right or left and which should be on which side... then how to make the decreases match... on and on... fun knitting stuff!

Although I've gotten sidetracked by knitting a new hat and making birthday stuff for my girly girl, I'm hoping to spend some good hours finishing this sweater.  With only 7(!) weeks left of pregnancy, I'd better get a move on!

November 1, 2011

Superhero Necessities

I've already shared the muscle shirt I made William for his Batman costume.  

But that's not all a superhero needs!  Here are some of the details that made his costume really fun:

I freehanded the shape of the mask, making sure the ears would be tall enough.  It took me several attempts to finally get a look that was batty enough!  I cut out two copies and sewed them together with elastic to wrap around.  Will wore it up on his head most of the time anyway.
I must say, the 'POW' is my favorite part of the whole costume!  It gives such a bright pop of color against the Dark Knight, and instantly reminds me of the old Batman shows with Adam West.  (Which you can watch here! - Batman on HUB)  Again, felt shapes that I cut out and glued together.  It is safety pinned to black mittens, but you could also use a strap of elastic or something.  I can't wait for Will to use it again at Newark's Annual Comic Book Day!  

He's the coolest Batman I know!!!!

(Reversible cape from Cracker Barrel)
Although I had a lot of fun working on William's costume this year, I was quite relieved Aevyn already had everything she needed to dress as a bride!

As a professional flower girl (3 times!), she was able to use an old dress, some pretty satin gloves, and a blusher veil.  She walked with her dance studio in the Newark Halloween Parade on the 30th.  Definitely a cool experience!  (And check out her handsome groom!)

Fun times, fun times... and next year we'll have three little costumes to plan!