November 1, 2011

Superhero Necessities

I've already shared the muscle shirt I made William for his Batman costume.  

But that's not all a superhero needs!  Here are some of the details that made his costume really fun:

I freehanded the shape of the mask, making sure the ears would be tall enough.  It took me several attempts to finally get a look that was batty enough!  I cut out two copies and sewed them together with elastic to wrap around.  Will wore it up on his head most of the time anyway.
I must say, the 'POW' is my favorite part of the whole costume!  It gives such a bright pop of color against the Dark Knight, and instantly reminds me of the old Batman shows with Adam West.  (Which you can watch here! - Batman on HUB)  Again, felt shapes that I cut out and glued together.  It is safety pinned to black mittens, but you could also use a strap of elastic or something.  I can't wait for Will to use it again at Newark's Annual Comic Book Day!  

He's the coolest Batman I know!!!!

(Reversible cape from Cracker Barrel)
Although I had a lot of fun working on William's costume this year, I was quite relieved Aevyn already had everything she needed to dress as a bride!

As a professional flower girl (3 times!), she was able to use an old dress, some pretty satin gloves, and a blusher veil.  She walked with her dance studio in the Newark Halloween Parade on the 30th.  Definitely a cool experience!  (And check out her handsome groom!)

Fun times, fun times... and next year we'll have three little costumes to plan!

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