October 25, 2011



Yes, that's who we have for Halloween!
Since William is obsessed with superheroes, and already had a Batman cape, this seemed like the perfect costume this year.  I bought a few pieces of black clothing, and figured out how to do my best for a costume the boy would be proud of.

And check out those muscles!  I had other pictures for a how-to, but something weird is going on with them!  It's simple though, here are the steps:

1. Buy two black shirts.
2. Put them one in the other.
3. Draw (with white crayon) where you want your pecs and six pack to be!
4. Print and cut a freezer paper stencil to use for the bat symbol.
5. Machine sew the muscle marks, leaving the outsides open for stuffing.
6. Iron and paint your stencil.
7. Heat set, wash, and dry your shirts.
8. Stuff and then sew the outsides.

I'll show the costume in full glory after Halloween!  There are a few other fun details, but they need a little finishing.  Fortunately, Aev is dressing up as a bride, and she already has everything needed for that!  Easy!  What are your kids dressing up as?


  1. Thank you! I think he's making a Braden face in the top picture!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! He looks like he loves it too...would you share it here?


  3. Thank you! I'd be honored! And I'm completely with you on the gross and scary! We've always just taken our kids around to a few of the neighbors by my parents house. The fun thing is they all go to our church, so it's a nice time to catch up and watch the kids grow! Enjoy your non-scary Halloween!