October 30, 2011

White Pumpkins

I don't decorate much for Halloween... I can't stand black and orange together and creepy definitely isn't my thing!  However,  I've always loved white pumpkins.  I think they are the perfect way to be spirited around Halloween, yet they are elegant enough for the rest of the season.

I decided to make a few small white pumpkins to add little touches of autumn through my house.

I bought these pumpkins from Walmart for less than 5 dollars,

and then painted them with white acrylic paint.

After a few coats had dried, I used silver to add designs.

The kids each painted a pumpkin too.  William's had a face, but he was a little heavy with the paint, and it all dripped together.

Aevyn got pretty creative and detailed on the back of hers!

What kind of decorations do you put up for the fall season?

October 25, 2011



Yes, that's who we have for Halloween!
Since William is obsessed with superheroes, and already had a Batman cape, this seemed like the perfect costume this year.  I bought a few pieces of black clothing, and figured out how to do my best for a costume the boy would be proud of.

And check out those muscles!  I had other pictures for a how-to, but something weird is going on with them!  It's simple though, here are the steps:

1. Buy two black shirts.
2. Put them one in the other.
3. Draw (with white crayon) where you want your pecs and six pack to be!
4. Print and cut a freezer paper stencil to use for the bat symbol.
5. Machine sew the muscle marks, leaving the outsides open for stuffing.
6. Iron and paint your stencil.
7. Heat set, wash, and dry your shirts.
8. Stuff and then sew the outsides.

I'll show the costume in full glory after Halloween!  There are a few other fun details, but they need a little finishing.  Fortunately, Aev is dressing up as a bride, and she already has everything needed for that!  Easy!  What are your kids dressing up as?

October 24, 2011

32 Weeks

Time has been cruising right along, and I only have 2 months left until baby girl is due!
Here are some pics we took tonight, using the iPad as a prop.

There is an app for the iPad called Hello Baby by Pampers, and it shows the fetal development for each week.  It also gives an actual size image of what the baby looks like.  We've never been very good at taking monthly pictures during pregnancy (in fact, this is our first photo ever taken intentionally showing pregnancy!), but I think this would be a really fun way to chart the growth of baby and mama.    

It's amazing to think that is what the baby looks like inside of me right now!

October 12, 2011

Twirl Skirt Revisited

When Aevyn started ballet up again this fall, we realized we'd lost her skirt sometime during the summer.   She had used the Girly Skirt I made last year for ballet a few times, so I thought I'd just make a new circle skirt for this year.  Again I used the tutorial from MADE.

I decided to use a black dance fabric, which was great because I didn't have to finish edges.  I wanted to use some teal and pink details because those are the colors of Aevyn's studio, Abundance Academy of Dance.  I knew my friend, Kate, had a stash of awesome teal elastic, and she generously donated some for me to use!    

My little ballerina loves it!  She likes to have the bow in the front or on the side, but I love it as a fun surprise in the back.  With her hair up in a bun, her neck and shoulders are just adorable!

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October 10, 2011

Break Time!

After taking out 22 rows of knitting today, and realizing that I missed one cable and thus need to take out another 4 rows..... it's time to take a break!

I think when I'm working on a pattern that requires a lot of attention, I need something on the side to break it up.  Something simple, something gratifying, something small.  Something for a baby!

I've browsed several books for baby ideas, and the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss is one of the ONLY sweaters that has really jumped out at me as cute and practical for a newborn.  I even picked out lavender yarn for the project, it just looks so sweet!  I'm using yarn from the new Martha Stewart craft line that Joann's is carrying.  It's an acrylic and wool blend, super soft, and has a light sheen that gives the stitches a really defined look.  So excited!

P.S.  I'll post about the frustrating project mentioned at the top at some point.  I'm working on a drapey sweater perfect for pregnant and nursing mamas.  Only problem is that I'm making it up as I go along, so it's a bit more involved than I'd planned!  I really do love it, but my brain needs a breather!