October 12, 2011

Twirl Skirt Revisited

When Aevyn started ballet up again this fall, we realized we'd lost her skirt sometime during the summer.   She had used the Girly Skirt I made last year for ballet a few times, so I thought I'd just make a new circle skirt for this year.  Again I used the tutorial from MADE.

I decided to use a black dance fabric, which was great because I didn't have to finish edges.  I wanted to use some teal and pink details because those are the colors of Aevyn's studio, Abundance Academy of Dance.  I knew my friend, Kate, had a stash of awesome teal elastic, and she generously donated some for me to use!    

My little ballerina loves it!  She likes to have the bow in the front or on the side, but I love it as a fun surprise in the back.  With her hair up in a bun, her neck and shoulders are just adorable!

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