August 26, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall

I am knitting a sweater for Aevyn that I think is going to be adorable for school!  My husband bought me a Bergere de France knitting magazine, and I absolutely love the patterns!  First of all, it was very special that he would pick out something so perfect; but second, it's very hard for me to find a collection of patterns that impresses me that much.  I would love to knit several of the sweaters for Aev. 

But, one at a time.... this is the sweater she's getting first.

I've worked across one sleeve so far, and am getting ready to split for the neck.
The top photo doesn't show the color very well, but this next one is not very sharp.  Combine the two, you get the picture!  

I'm using Debbie Norville Serenity yarn.  It's a cheap acrylic, but it will be easy to care for, and I love how plush it is!

I'm looking forward to knitting a lot while we're stuck inside with Hurricane Irene coming up the coast... and the best part is that they have already cancelled the first day of school!  One more day with my girl!

Stay safe and dry this weekend!

August 19, 2011

Shower Favors!

One of the activities that has been occupying most of my free time lately has been candy-making.  This was my first attempt at doing anything like this, and although I found the process easy, it grew to be a bit tedious due to the amount of candy I was making.  There was also some excitement with burning things and breaking things!

But, the end result is pretty great... sea glass candy!

I used a recipe that I found online at Not So Humble Pie.  This is an excellent way to tie in event colors and make a party favor that is unique, but easy!  

Here's a pic of the process...

and what it looks like after you pour it on the sheet to harden.  I love this light teal color!

The colors and flavors I made were blue- peppermint, brown- cinnamon, pink- cherry, white- lemon, and teal- creme de menthe.  The whole house smelled like a flavor explosion each time I poured a new batch!  

I hope my sister and the guests enjoy the candy!  (I have eaten more than my share in tasting samples and pieces that broke too small!)

August 15, 2011

Time Flies!!

It's been months and months since the last time I posted!  Lots has happened since then, and I'm excited to get back into the flow of documenting some of my creative pursuits.  

First of all.... we're having a new baby girl!  She will be due December 24th... perfect time for cozy handmade knit things!  

This summer we hosted a French student who was studying English at the University of Delaware.  He was a wonderful houseguest and I couldn't have been more happy with the experiences we've had this past month with him.  We were all very sad to say goodbye this morning.

But we have plenty to look forward to... Saturday I am hosting a bridal shower for my sister, who is getting married in September.  It will be an outdoor brunch at my parents house.  My youngest sister and I have been doing some crafting for things such as invitations, guest book, favors, etc.  So today, I'm going to show you the invitations.

My engaged sister lives in Massachusetts, so we decided to use a theme of sea glass.  My hubby helped me print the information on the cards, and my sister and I personalized them with a little seashore prep style.  We used a navy grosgrain ribbon (that matches our bridesmaid dresses) against sea glass colored stationery.  We added a silver sea star stamp and were very happy with our simple, but lovely, invitations.