September 5, 2011

Another Work in Progress....

I'm still working on my sweater for Aev, but I like to have a lot of projects on the back burner!  I guess it keeps me from getting too stressed out with any single project.  

William has been really into superheroes lately.  He likes to talk about them, dress like them, and pretend to be them.  As Aevyn said one afternoon, "Which hero are you today?  Or are you just Will?"  I'm pretty happy with 'just Will', but his answer was Captain America.  

I don't find much inspiration for the boy, so when I do, I definitely want to do what I can to make something special for him too.  So, I decided to make a Captain America sweater!  

I love doing colorwork, mainly because it is so challenging, but this almost made me insane!
12 bobbins of yarn at one time!  And I had to untangle them after every row!  (I still haven't woven in all my ends!)  But, it's better than trying to do all of that in the round.  I decided that I would knit the Captain America shield and then patch it onto the sweater.  It won't look very professional, but I am NOT at the point where I can do all of that on a circular.  

I'm knitting the sweater in a raglan style from the top down.  It is all stockinette, so the neck, sleeves, and bottom will have a rolled effect.

William starts preschool this week, so I will have 2 1/2 hours, 3 mornings a week with NO KIDS IN THE HOUSE!  Seems pretty crazy... but I totally plan on knitting during those hours.  Not cleaning... not getting ready for the baby... knitting!  So I should soon have both of the kids in new sweaters for the fall.  And then I'll have to find a few new projects!

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