September 20, 2011

My Favorite Fall Colors!

I've been following Celebrate Color, which is hosted by a few fabulous bloggers this fall.  Very inspiring for bright, cozy projects to beat the rainy days we've been having here!  And not limiting autumn to orange and black, my favorite fall colors are red and purple!

Here are some pictures I took at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  Longwood belonged to Pierre S. du Pont, who built magnificent gardens, fountains, and a Conservatory, all with the best ingenuity of his time.  I grew up often visiting the gardens with my parents and my best friends family.  It is now our go-to place for inspiration, relaxation, and beauty.  

One thing I love about autumn is the bright pops of color that stand out against their darker contrasts.  The purple plants provide that anchor for the reds to be so vibrant.

How cool are these peppers?

So, to celebrate autumn this year, Aevyn will be wearing her new purple sweater!

We love it paired with bright red pants!

I just can't resist hugging her in this cozy sweater.

This was a project that I loved the whole process of.  It had just the right amount of challenge to keep from being boring, while not crossing over into discouraging.  I did have to call on Kate (my personal expert) several times, as I'm still getting the hang of reading patterns.  But knitting is always more fun with others!

Today is another rainy day here on the East Coast, so head over and check out all the beautiful images and projects at Celebrate Color!

Celebrate Color


  1. The pattern I used is the Bergere de France Cropped Sweater. Previous posts show some of the process, and I'll be doing a more comprehensive post about things I learned and changed along the way!

  2. Gah, even I want to hug her! The sweater is so very pretty. I love chunky cable knits. What a great outfit!

  3. Thank you very much! I'm excited it's finally getting cool enough here for her to wear it! Unlike her mama, this girl is never cold!