September 26, 2011

A Little Organization

For quite some time I've been wanting to organize my knitting needles.  I've kept them in a plastic bag, or a basket, or stuck into whatever random project I have lying around.  They sell cases at Joann's or any other knitting supply shop, but $15 or more?  Sorry!  I'd rather buy yarn!  

After perusing the tutorials floating around, I combined some and came up with a knitting needle roll that would work for me!

I started with 3 pieces of canvas and 1 piece of felt.
Layer as follows:

Back damask (facing down)- 19"tall by 21"wide
Felt- 12" by 21"
Damask lining (on top of felt)- 12" by 21"
Striped canvas pocket- 9" by 21"
(The felt is optional, but I wanted a little more bulk to the roll.)
The remaining 6 1/2 inches of the back is folded up and over the layers to make a front pocket.

Use bias tape to finish the edges of the two pockets.

Now would also be a good time to sew your lines in for the needle pockets.  (For some reason I waited until the end!  It's good to have others make the mistakes for you!)  I did mine about 2 inches apart, for a total of 10 pockets.  If you use a lot of big needles, 3 might be better, but you will have to adjust the size of your roll or have fewer pockets.

Sew around the 4 sides of your canvas layers.  Finish it with a thicker bias tape.  You can do the bottom too if preferred.  I may do it later!

*I sewed two ribbons on the back of my roll while I was doing the pocket lines.  I put mine right in the middle and only sewed it in one spot, but you could try various ways.
Here's what it looks like with all my needles organized from smallest to largest!  I have straight needles in the back, dpn's and circulars in the front.

Fold it up, tie the ribbons, and go!  Perfect for taking to knitting night, vacation, the coffee shop, etc.  It doesn't take up much space, and you have whatever you might need!

Have any other organizational tips or ideas?

*There's a good tutorial at Made by Loulabelle, but the one I mainly referenced is over at Design Sponge.

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