April 6, 2011

A Sweater for Adelaide

On Saturday, April 2nd, my sweet little Adelaide turned one year old!  No, she is not my baby, but my honorary third child!  She belongs to my dear friend, Kate, who says I can share her!  You would want her to- she is such an adorable, cuddly thing!

Here is the sweater I knitted for her birthday.  It's based on the Baby Sophisticate sweater that I did a while back, but I did a rounded bottom, 3/4 length sleeves, and the edges are done in ribbing instead of garter stitch.  I don't normally go for variegated yarns, but I love these girly colors!

Addie's sweater!

Those eyes!  She didn't want to sit still enough to model, but nothing can hide that cuteness!

Here she is with her gorgeous mama, again trying to wiggle away!

Here's a fun movie of William teaching Addie to play the kazoo.  So, his birthday gift to her was her very own instrument!

Happy birthday, little Addie!  You are so special in our lives and I'm glad I get to watch you grow and learn each week!  (And I'm really glad I have a little one to knit for!)


  1. Lace! You have impressed me so much with all your blogging! You have been on fire lately! Wow, thanks for posting those pics of Addie in the adorable sweater you made her! I took some for you just in case you didn't get any! I just love the way you write too. I need to post! Gosh. You're an I spiration through and through. Oh, and I totally missed small group tonight with you guys! Loving Oregon, but missing Delaware. Love ya girl. Hope you get this comment! -kg

  2. I would love to see your pics of Addie in the sweater! I miss you two! I have to tell you, last night when we were leaving your house, William went right up to Alex and gave him a little punch in the stomach goodbye! I thought you'd be proud!