March 25, 2011

Family Crest Shirt

Here is my submission for the I Am Momma Hear Me Roar Contest.  Sometimes my Scallywag likes to be something new, like a knight!  Part of my husband's family draws their lineage from an O-Reilly strand.  I love family traditions and this is a fun way to give your boy something to dress up with that is also very meaningful.  (And possible morbid, if your family has a crest like ours!)

 I used freezer paper and Tulip fabric paint for the design.
For my first step I cut out the lions and drips of blood.

After these parts were dried, I used another stencil that had the crest cut out.
I left the hand in and painted all the green.
After I removed the hand and painted it in, I went back and used a Sharpie for details and outlines.
The family name in Gaelic is stenciled on the sleeve.

Here's the finished product!  When my Scallywag saw it he said, "Yup, there are the two lions with the hand.  And there's BLOOD dripping from it!"  All boy, but he loves it!  

He's terrifying... really... what dragon could stand in the presence of such an intimidating face!

Ready for battle!

Here's my brave knight!  (This gave me a great excuse to teach him to call me Majesty!)

I can't wait to see the other ideas people came up with for their boys.  Each little kid inspires their own special style, with their own stories.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Okay, I think this is the coolest idea ever for a t-shirt design!

  2. I love all the detail you put into this shirt! so cool!

  3. What an awesome shirt!! What a great idea! LOVE it!

  4. What a great idea! I'm off to see if I can find our family crest.

  5. If you make one, share a pic! I hope for your sake it's something a little more simple, like a cross or shield, not a severed hand!

  6. This is awesome (and also our family crest! Nice blog, Clan-mate?)