April 20, 2011

Easter Pants... Finally!

Phew!!!  After making a pair of pants (more like 2 pairs, since they have a lining), I realized they were way too big!  It took me three hours to carefully rip the seams.  3 hours!  Time that could have been so much better spend... but, oh well!  I took the sides in, stitched them back up, and I love the final product!  

These are based on the pattern Dana shared on MADE.  I love how she breaks things down and makes it so simple and clear for the rest of us!  Pants were very daunting for me, and although for now I'll stick to little boys pants, I feel so much more confident!  

I had saved this old shirt of my husbands.  The shirt was quite threadbare in places, but he wore it all the time when we were dating and always looked so handsome in it!  I have kept it in my closet trying to think of a way to use some of the fabric.  And this was perfect: the cuffs of pants for my cool, preppy boy!

Initially, I thought I would just sew the rectangle of striped fabric to the inside of the linen, but after trying to figure out the details, I decided to make a lining.  (The linen was a little thin anyway!)  

Here's a close up of the bottom of the lining:

The two pairs of pants, ready to be sewn together!  

After finishing the pants for the second time, I saw these over at kojodesigns:

Looks like I'm not the only one who likes this combo!  

Here's to handsome boys and university stripes- both of which will never go out of style!

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