April 22, 2011

Today is Earth Day and Good Friday.  I thank God for the earth He created, and I pray we will be better stewards of His beauty.  But even more, I thank Him for Jesus and the hope and redemption we have through Him.  

My mother-in-law sent the kids this carton of plastic eggs yesterday.  Each egg has a small item in it and a Scripture reference that tells the Easter story.  I'll copy the list at the end of this post if you're interested in making a box for your kids or a Sunday School class.

Here Aevyn is holding the coins that represent the bribe Judas took.

The kids love looking through these.  I was surprised Aevyn could figure out the connection of almost every item.  Thanks, Grammy, for reminding us, amidst all the candy and eggs, of all that Jesus has done for us!  

May God's blessings be felt by your families this weekend!  Happy Easter!

#1 Donkey (sticker)- Jesus' entry into Jerusalem- Mt. 21:1-9
#2 Praying Hands- The Garden of Gethsemane- Mk. 14:32-42
#3 Three Coins- Judas' blood money- Mt. 26:14-16
#4 Leather Strip- Jesus' trial and 39 lashes- John 19:1-3
#5 Cross- Jesus' crucifixion- John 19:16-22
#6 Dice- Soldiers gambling for Jesus' robe- John 19:23-25
37 Gauze- Grave clothes- Matt 27:57-61
#8 Stone- Tomb with the stone rolled away- Matt 28:1-2
#9 Empty Egg- Jesus' resurrection from the dead- Matt 28:5-8
#10 Three Nails- Jesus' wounds from being on the cross- John 20:19-29
#11 Bible- God's Word-to tell others the story- Luke 24:46-50
#12 Cotton Ball- Jesus' ascension through a cloud- Luke 24:51-53 

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