February 3, 2011


Tonight I had some things in my fridge I wanted to use up-  Half a bunch of asparagus (the one green veggie my little Scallywag will actually gobble up!) and a box of mushrooms I had bought during the dollar sale at my local Acme*.  I looked in my new French cookbook, and found a great recipe in the appetizers section.  A bit of substituting and adding, and it was a delicious one dish meal!

I made a basic pie shell and baked it.  (I have a hopeless love for plain old uncooked pie dough!  I had to make myself throw away the scraps- what is it about butter and flour?)

I filled my baked shell with blanched asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and chicken.  The chicken helped make this more of an entree than an appetizer.  I poured my egg mixture over it all and sprinkled it all with cheddar.

I loved this for dinner, but I look forward to eating leftovers for lunch.  I'm not the type that likes a sandwich every day, so a meal like this is perfect for midday.

*I just want to take a moment to say that I love my Acme!  Although this recipe called for gruyere, I had never bought this type of cheese.  I asked about it at the deli and they helpfully pointed out which cheese I was looking for.  Since I had never tasted it, they brought a packaged block back, opened it, and sliced a few pieces for me to taste.  Although I didn't buy it (my budget is built for necessity, so I substituted with swiss), I found it delicious.  I also learned an important lesson- Taste your cheese before you smell it!!!!!  The boys working in the deli could hardly think about eating it after they smelled it.  And Scallywag had a great time teasing me about my stinky cheese!

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