March 7, 2011

JCrew Necklace Knockoff

I always love getting a JCrew catalog in the mail and perusing it's pages for inspiration!
Normally it's the little girls dresses that make me want to get busy sewing, but this time it was jewelry.

Their necklaces are made with chain-mail.  Here's how I copied the look:

Cut a chain 18" long and add a clasp at the end.  Add two lengths of chain about 5" apart and 1.5" long.

Attach lengths of chain from one side to the other.

You could leave your necklace like that and it would be very cute.  But I love pearls, so I added about 4 pearls per line of chain.

Finished product!
(And yes, I actually love it with my sweatshirt!)


  1. Cute! I'm so gearing up to make some necklaces...never have done it before, but getting some fabulous inspiraion. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for checking it out! I think this necklace would be fun with all sorts of pearls, charms, etc. Have fun jewelry making!