January 21, 2011

5 hours, 1 skein

Every other Tuesday night I host a 'knit together' at my house.  My dear friend, Kate, who first inspired me to learn knitting, helped start it and we have several friends who have come.  3 ladies have learned to knit, and the rest of us pick up new skills as we see what others are doing.  Kate is also the one knitting the Winding Path sweater with me.  This Tuesday we had several hours to get it started.  Here are some images of what we accomplished!

Kate's sweater on the left, mine on the right.

The 'Winding Path' increases

Working k3tog

We had to work some new increases that neither of us had tried before.  We learned the LI(lifted increase) where you knit into the stitch below the next one on the left needle.  However, following the pattern, we were on a purl stitch.  It doesn't look as 'invisible' as everyone says this increase should look, but it's ok.  And after much searching, we decided to make our own video of the LI2-p(double purled lifted increase).  Hope it helps someone out there!

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  1. I know it's 2 years since you did all of your hard work on the Winding Path, but I wanted you to know your posts on making it has been a lifesaver for me in my "path" to making this sweater! Thank You soooo much