August 19, 2011

Shower Favors!

One of the activities that has been occupying most of my free time lately has been candy-making.  This was my first attempt at doing anything like this, and although I found the process easy, it grew to be a bit tedious due to the amount of candy I was making.  There was also some excitement with burning things and breaking things!

But, the end result is pretty great... sea glass candy!

I used a recipe that I found online at Not So Humble Pie.  This is an excellent way to tie in event colors and make a party favor that is unique, but easy!  

Here's a pic of the process...

and what it looks like after you pour it on the sheet to harden.  I love this light teal color!

The colors and flavors I made were blue- peppermint, brown- cinnamon, pink- cherry, white- lemon, and teal- creme de menthe.  The whole house smelled like a flavor explosion each time I poured a new batch!  

I hope my sister and the guests enjoy the candy!  (I have eaten more than my share in tasting samples and pieces that broke too small!)

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